The Football Blogging Awards plea…

Now, I’d be the first to admit that I’m certainly not the most regular writer of articles. With constant work and university commitments to contend with, I’d say that I write sporadically whenever I have a rare moment of inspiration or when I’m asked to by certain websites. I imagine a majority of young writers have more time on their hands than I do, and kudos to them if they can post an article every week – I admire their dedication. However, saying that, I do like to think that in the last twelve months I’ve improved dramatically with my writing style. I aim to create something more intriguing and innovative for the reader so that my articles are both analytical but also have a storyteller element to them. So, I decided that I wouldn’t mind having a go at trying to get shortlisted for a Young FBA award.

To anyone who had ever read an article of mine and enjoyed it, I would be awfully grateful if you could vote for myself, Billy Taylor, as Best #Young Football Blogger 2014. To those who haven’t read any of my musings, it’s never too late! I have a variety of articles on, and most recently, So why not have a look to see if I’m any good.

You can vote in three different ways:

1) FACEBOOK – If your favoured social network is indeed Bookface, follow this link – – and simply type Billy Taylor in the ‘Young’ section and then submit. What could be simpler?

2) TWITTER – For all you tweeters, post this tweet on your timeline – I’m voting in the @TheFBAs for @billyfreelancer as the best #young football blogger. Alternatively, just click on this link – – and then click post!

3) FBA WEBSITE – Or if you prefer a more direct approach, click on this link – – fill in the small details section and put my name, Billy Taylor, into the ‘Young’ voting box.

Anyone who is kind enough to vote for me will earn my eternal respect




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