Football is a beautiful game and thus its beauty has made it immensely popular with a large portion of the blogging community. There are almost too many blogs about football on the internet, you can’t get away from the football!

On The Pig Bladder Project, the aim is try to provide something different to the table, whether that is focusing on more unusual aspects or writing articles with more of a comedic element. I shall also try to focus on providing regular content about futsal, which is the fastest growing indoor sport in the world. I currently report for the FA on futsal matches and find the sport incredibly exciting.

The Pig Bladder Project is a football blog created by myself in 2014 to replace my former blog, BeeTeeSports (which has been inactive for a considerable amount of time and I never really had the heart to restart it, but feel free to check it out yourself). The basic aim was to have somewhere to put all of my own work that hasn’t already been published on other websites.

Of course, as most football fans will tell you, the actual football thing that you kick from time to time used to be made of pig’s bladder. Football has evolved vastly since but has always had the same concept – score more than the other team. It’s fairly simplistic.

Thanks to Shannon Timberlake for designing the logo! – @shannonnxxxx




Pig bladder project banner





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