The Football Pink Issue 5 Preview

Allow me to create an imaginary scenario for you, reader. The year is 1940, World War II is still ongoing and the Nazis are preparing to launch an assault on Britain. They prove unsuccessful in taking over England but manage to invade Wales in bizarre circumstances whilst the rest of the Isles remain relatively unharmed. Strange as this seems, it presents a multitude of problems for the football clubs in Wales that were currently residing in the English leagues, namely Swansea City and Cardiff City, who were participating in the second and third divisions respectively. Under German leadership, would they be able to stay in the English divisions or be forced to travel hundreds of miles each week to encounter opposition in the various tiers of German football? This is the ultimatum that has already been considered by two football clubs based in the Crimean Peninsula.

To read the rest of my article on Crimean football and many other thought-provoking and intellectual pieces based on the connection between football and war, buy the 5th edition of The Football Pink: available for kindle and in print!

All the purchase links and various other information can be found here >


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